Analyse your network
with smart software.

Better insights, better traffic flow, better network! All with Elbrus Analytics!
A diploma thesis project built by students of the Vienna HTL3 Rennweg. Get crucial information about traffic flow and bottlenecks within your network!

Collecting data from your network

Looking for a powerful and reliable network analysis tool that can help you stay on top of your network's performance?

Look no further than our cutting-edge software, designed with the latest technology and built to meet the needs of modern businesses.

  • Monitor your network
  • Recieve vital analytics and insights
  • Visualise your data

We improve your analysis and insights

Our goal is to create a product that simplifies the monitoring of a network, which helps to visualise its utilisation and to find bottlenecks.

Our core system consists of the following features:

  • Dynamic reports and dashboards about your whole network
  • Device and uplink utilisation using SNMP
  • Representing VLAN traffic
  • Determining the distribution of individual network protocols
  • Saving your components config in our VCS

Hard facts

What our software includes

We provide both complex, technically detailed representations and simple, easy-to-understand graphics. This grants deep insights into your network-utilisation, component-utilisation and traffic flow for everyone.


1 Gigabit/s

bandwith support with highly efficienct workflows to work in big networks


96 Reports

delivered daily on a schedule of every 15 minutes


21,000+ Lines

of code comprise our software


20+ Charts & Graphs

highly detailed with easy-to-understand diagrams

Optimized for big networks

The network plays a cruial part in todays communication and process cycle. Especially modern companys and organizations depend a lot on it.

Nevertheless most businesses economize when it comes to hardware and software, which results in overlaoded network components, loss of data and network outages.

It is self-explanatory that network administrators lack on insight into their network and that searching for bottlenecks without using a suitable tool can be really stressing and tedious.

To counteract this issue we started the Project "Elbrus-Analytics" which provides a deep insight into your network.

A team to achieve big things!

Team member imamge

Fabio Anzola

Project Head

Team member imamge

Markus Tomsik

Deputy Project Head

Team member imamge

Alexander Hiermann

IT & Solutions Architect

Team member imamge

Tobias Schmidt

Backend Developer

Team member imamge

Robert Unfried

Frontend Developer

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Frequently asked questions

Our software has been specially developed to create insights even for the technically inexperienced.

Our webinterface therefore contains many easy-to-understand graphics and diagrams, which nevertheless also contain extensive technical details.